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What to know about Mulch

This is a short list, 6 tips, of mulching do's and don'ts to help break the cold chains of winter and welcome in the beauty of spring.

Oddly, the guy selling mulch is going to start by warning you about over mulching. This is a very frequent mistake made by both homeowners and professionals alike. This can cause shallow rooting and make plants susceptible to death during our dry seasons. Limit your new layers to no more than 3 inches.

These limits and mistakes continue around trees. NO MULCH MOUNTAINS. Piling mulch high up a trees trunk can cause bark rot, disease, and insect problems. Mulch should start a couple inches from base and get deeper as it goes outward. This will help the roots properly receive the water.

Plants root systems may become accustomed to the mulch and depend on it during the drought seasons. Do not remove mulch once it's been established. This may cause soil to become too dry during summer months.

Mulch can also be a great protection plan for winter months. I know, so talented! It's true, mulch isnt just for spring and summer. A layer in the fall will act as insulation from harsh frost. This can be incorporated into a fall cleanup, where leaves can serve the same purpose.

Cleaning up the appearance of gardens and trees is great for curb appeal. Let's not forget sign posts, mailboxes, paths with thinned lawns and flower boxes. These are all instant upgrades for any landscape and can be done on a limited budget. Great for upcoming events or selling a home.

When buying mulch, "how do we choose what mulch to use?" is the most frequently asked question. Options arent exactly limited:

  • Woodchips

  • Dyed mulch

  • Hardwood

  • Cedar

  • Straw

  • Cocoa shells

  • Pine bark

  • Rubber

  • And so much more..

It really comes down to customer preferences. We can discuss things like size, lifespan, cost and even aromatic tendencies. The right choice is different for everyone, call us and we will walk you through the best options for you. Start to finish we are here to help.

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